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The Arab Palestinian Investment Company (APIC)

The Arab Palestinian Investment Company, Ltd. (APIC) was launched by Palestinian and Arab businessmen seeking to channel funds and investments into Palestine.

Since 1995, APIC has become a leader in the manufacturing, distribution and service sectors, by enabling local consumers to choose quality products and services that were previously unavailable or imported at a high cost.

With a working capital of $42 million, the company’s business portfolio offers an array of products and services ranging from food to aluminum. Subsidiaries of APIC have forged strategic partnerships with multi-national companies including Philip Morris International, Procter & Gamble, Abbott International, Beiersdorf (Nivea), Eli Lilly, B. Braun, Hyundai Motors. GlaxoSmithKline, Aventis Sanofi and ASDA’A Public Relations Company.

APIC’s success has largely depended upon its dynamic and exceptional employees, who apply international best practices to the complex political and social environment of Palestine and market-specific opportunities.
Our Investments:
  • Trading & Distribution
    • Unipal General Trading Company
    • Palestine Automobile Company Ltd. (PAC) - Hyundai
    • Medical Supplies and Services (MSS)
    • Arab Palestinian Shopping Centers Company - PLAZA
  • Manufacturing
    • National Aluminum and Profile Company - NAPCO
    • Siniora Food Industries 
  • Services
    • Sky Advertising, PR, and Event Management
  • Other Holdings
    • Palestine Electric Company
    • ULTIMIT Advanced Turnkey Solutions Company
    • Millennium Energy Industries – MEI

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