PIC 2008
Dr. Salam Fayyad, Prime Minister
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Please make sure you have submitted a scanned copy of your passport and a scanned photograph of yourself, in addition to a completed registration form.
All necessary information should be sent to victoria@pic-palestine.ps.

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Thank you Participants
Facts and Figures

PIC 2008 Concluding Remarks
Dear respected participant,

We hope that you enjoyed participating in the Conference and that you benefited from it. To assess the Conference and improve our performance, we would very much appreciate hearing your reflections and ideas. Please take few minutes from your valuable time to complete this evaluation. Thank you in advance for your input.

A word of thanks to the Guests of Palestine

Palestine Investment Conference

Extends sincere thanks and appreciation to the guests of Palestine for their Participation in the first Palestine Investment Conference

Hoping you were able to truly experience the other face of Palestine and witness first hand, the potential for investment. Your contribution to building an independent economy is highly valued.
We hope your visit to Palestine is a joyous and fruitful one, and your stay is rich. Wish you a
safe return with positive memories.

Palestine is proud of having you among us, And we hope to welcome you all to forthcoming conferences.


شكر وتقدير لضيوف فلسطين
مؤتمر فلسطين للاستثمار

 يتقدم بأسمى آيات الشكر والتقدير والعرفان من جميع ضيوف فلسطين المشاركين في المؤتمر،

 راجين أن تكون زيارتكم الى بلدكم فلسطين بهيجة وغنية بتجربة إيجابية، وآملين أن تكون إقامتكم ممتعة وعودتكم سالمة وغانمة. نعتذر عن أي تقصير أو خلل، ونتمنى لكم طيب الإقامة في بلدكم

تعتد فلسطين بكم وبمشاركتكم، وتنتظر لقاءكم مجددا


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