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Vision/ Mission/ Goals


Empowering Palestinian SMEs through mobilizing support and influence towards the development of their innovative capabilities, consolidation of their attributes, and enhancement of their prospects for becoming an important economic lever that attracts strategic investments to Palestine.


Palestine is committed to providing an investment-conducive environment as part of its quest to establish a free market system and integrate it into the global economy, thus, building a better future for the Palestinian people, which will enhance regional stability and security in the Middle East.


  1. To establish open channels of communication with the international investors and ensure the provision of advanced services and follow up through institutionalizing the Palestine Investment Conference in the Palestinian Investment Promotion Agency- PIPA.
  2. To empower Palestinian SMEs and enhance their readiness to enter new markets through facilitating their access to finance.
  3. To further develop linkages and networks that were established in previous investment conferences between the Palestinian private sector and international, regional and Arab business communities.
  4. To present the various investment support programs in Palestine carried out by the Palestinian private and public sectors, as well as the international community.
  5. To provide a suitable framework for networking and investment promotion through exhibiting promising investment opportunities and national products, and forging genuine partnerships among the conference participants.


  • To attract investors from abroad to participate in the conference and establish business relations with the Palestinian private sector.
  • To present investment opportunities from a variety of promising business sectors.
  • To promote export-quality Palestinian products and display them in the trade exhibition.
  • To announce new forged partnerships and investments in Palestine, as well as other investment development programs.


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