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The Palestine Investment Conference 2010 “Investing in Palestine:  Empowering Small and Medium Enterprises”will be held under the patronage of H.E. President Mahmoud Abbas at the Convention Palace in Bethlehem on June 2nd and 3rd, 2010.

This year’s conference provides a vivid testimony of the Palestinian government’s commitment to its vision and plan of nation building under the leadership of H.E. Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad.  All efforts will be geared towards building the institutional, social and economic infrastructure that will underpin a viable Palestinian state and enhance the ability of Palestine’s citizens to prosper in parity with other nation states. The convening of this conference equally manifests the government’s achievements in providing a secure and attractive investment environment, and exhibits the growing level of cooperation and partnership between the Palestinian private and public sectors in the national program of state building.
The conference comes at a time upon which a consensus among Palestinians exists to support the national product, which, in recent years, has proved its ability to enter the international markets and achieve acceptable results. Palestinian SMEs have many success stories to highlight in this regard, having attained international standards of excellence, despite all impediments. One of the conference aspirations is to focus on the increasing number of initiatives geared at improving the enabling environment in which SMEs operate in Palestine, through facilitating their access to finance, thereby facilitating the role of SMEs as the main catalyst for sustainable economic development in Palestine.
The Palestine Investment Conference 2010 is an important platform that will assemble large numbers of investors, government representatives, international agencies as well as the media, and familiarize them with the various structural and economic reform achievements of the Palestinian National Authority. The government reform agenda towards nation building is premised on a commitment of providing an environment conducive to investment and free market. The conference also yields a superb opportunity for the Palestinian private sector to demonstrate its track record of profitable and innovative entrepreneurship in their home country, as well as to champion success stories of export investment viability.  Project concepts, business plans, investment opportunities, national programs, and partnership frameworks shall all be introduced to local and international conference participants. In this way, the untapped potential of the Palestinian SMEs shall be promoted for investment partnerships that leverage this important economic segment comprising over 90% of operating businesses in Palestine, fostering their consolidation, growth and diversification.


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