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“Best of Palestine” Exhibition

Palestinian products are gaining momentum in the global marketplace. Products as diverse as olive oil, glass and paint are being exported in increasing quantities across the Middle East, Europe and beyond. The “Best of Palestine” Exhibition, organized as an integral component of the Palestine Investment Conference, will provide conference attendees with the opportunity to see these products first-hand and to meet the successful entrepreneurs behind them.

More than 100 Palestinian companies featured at the exhibition come from every corner of the West Bank and Gaza and are all exporting to foreign markets. With production and financial capacity already in place, there is huge potential for these companies to scale up and increase their presence in international markets.  The diversity and scale of the exhibition allows conference attendees to be amongst the first to learn of the products. 
The exhibition will cover 13 various types of industries from diversified sectors; 23% of the exhibitors are from the food industry, 11% from the stone and marble industry, 11% from the textile industry, 11% from the metal and alloy industry, 9% from the ICT sector and the rest are from the furniture, leather, plastic, chemical, services, handicraft and paper industries.
In the exhibition, you will find companies with trading experience in 25 different countries. Of these, 25% of the products are exported to Jordan, 16% to the Gulf, 13% to Israel, 7% to the United States, 6% to the United Kingdom and the rest are exporting to Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Sweden, Italy, France, Germany, Netherland, Belgium, Austria, Russia, Turkey, India, Malaysia, China, Canada and other countries.
The Palestine Investment Conference 2010 will also provide you with a Business-to-Business Meeting Service. This service allows you to pre-arrange meetings with exhibitors and enables you to maximize your ability to establish the right business contacts.
To view the full list of companies and entrepreneurs taking part in the exhibition, and their products and services, please click here

Should you be interested in scheduling B2B meeting with one or more of these companies, please send your request to indicating the name of the company you are interested to meet with, the preferred time, and we will be glad to facilitate this.


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