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About the Conference

1. When and where will the Palestine Investment Conference be held?
The Palestine Investment Conference will be held on June 2nd and 3rd , 2010 at the Convention Palace, in the city of Bethlehem.
2. What are the main economic sectors present in the conference?
The Palestine Investment Conference 2010 is hoping to attract representatives of the different economic sectors in Palestine, including the Agricultural Sector, the Energy Sector, the Financial Sector, the IT and Telecommunications Sector, the Services Sector, the Infrastructure and Real Estate Development Sectors, the Industrial Sector, and the Tourism Sector. However, it should be noted that this year the conference will focus on the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
3. What is the Palestinian Products’ Exhibition and why is it held?
The Palestinian Products’ Exhibition will take place during the conference days and is exclusive to conference participants. The exhibition aims to showcase the best of Palestinian products and services, which are export- ready and enjoy both a competitive edge and quality certification. The conference will offer the participants an opportunity to conduct networking and B2B meetings to help establish new commercial ties and conclude new business deals. For further details, please visit the business corner on the home page, or press here.
4. What are the parallel activities at the Conference?
The Conference Management is working to arrange a host of parallel activities that will be announced shortly via the conference website.
1.  How can I register for the conference?
Conference registration is only possible via the conference’s official website. On the homepage, go to the Registration Area, then Select Create New Account, and follow the instructions that appear on the registration page. Registration follow up will then be conducted via e-mail. In case of any difficulty with your registration process, please contact the conference management directly through the following email:
2. When is the closing date for registration for those residing outside Palestine?
The closing date for registration for those participants who require a special entry permit is Wednesday 5/5/2010. However, the closing date for registration of participants who do not require a special entry permit is Saturday 15/5/2010.
4. What is the registration procedure for local participants?
Local participation is by invitation only.
 5. What are the registration fees for conference participants?
There are no registration fees for participation.

Visas and Entry Procedures

1. What is the passport validity requirement for participants from abroad?
Participants need to have their passports valid for a minimum of 6 months after the conference starting date.
2. Will the conference secure the entry visa or permit for all participants?
The conference management is now working on sending all submitted and completed applications that met participation requirements to the relevant authorities in order to arrange for the issuance of the special entry permit. The participants will be notified as soon as approvals are received.
3. How long can participants stay in Palestine? Does the entry permit specify a duration?
The participant may stay in Palestine for the entire validity of the entry permit. However, if an extension of the permit is desired, the participant must contact the conference management for appropriate action.
4. Can participants bring along family members? And what are the necessary procedures?
The participant can bring family members. A separate registration form must be filled in for every family member. Children accompanying their parents must have separate passport and must fill in a separate registration form.
Business Plans
1. Will copies of the business plans and/or the proposed economic projects be available prior to the conference?
Yes, the conference will make available a special document of business abstracts and potential investment projects that shall be showcased or promoted during the conference. In addition, an electronic copy of this document will be available on the conference website at a later stage.
The participants will have the opportunity to go into more details of all business plans and economic projects during the networking sessions.
Transportation and Reservation
1. Are there any special arrangements for transportation and accommodation for participants during the Conference?
The conference management has contracted WASSEL, a logistics company, to facilitate participants’ transportation and accommodation needs and requirements. Participants can access WASSEL accommodation and transportation services through the conference website, under Participants Corner, where a direct link is available to their online reservation system. (Click here)
1. How can Arab or foreign journalists participate in the Conference?
Arab and foreign journalists are welcome to participate in the conference. You can register and obtain more details in the Media corner on the homepage.

For further information you can also directly contact Sky Advertising; Media, and Public Relations Co. – phone numbers: 00970 (2) 298 6878, or through email:


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